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Lucid Dream Ultimate v1.4.8 APK Full Download

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Description :

Dive into the world of Lucid Dreaming.Do you want to take handle of your dreams and encounter your wildest desires?
Controlling your mind while dreaming will enable you to jump into a fantasy globe where you handle almost everything. This idea is referred to as lucid dreaming. As a lucid dreamer you will be in a position to easily design and craft your own universe. However, many have discovered it difficult to obtain lucidity whilst dreaming.

With Lucid Dream Ultimate you can become a lucid dreamer and fulfill all of your wildest desires.
The app has 3 powerful groups of characteristics.

Day: Reality Checks
Reality Checks are an crucial component of lucid dreaming. Repeated reality checks will support you lucid dream. Lucid Dream Ultimate will support you execute these checks with customizable notifications and settings.

Night: Dream Alarms
Lucid Dream Ultimate will also help you when you are sleeping. There are 6 methods to wake you up in your sleep to assist you attain lucidity. Nap, WILD/WBTB, REM Interruption, Custom REM Interruption, Sensible REM Interruption, and Motion Detection.
NEW in version 1.four.4: You can now play binaural beats and isochronic tones. Employing these tones while falling asleep can significantly boost your opportunity of experiencing a lucid dream.

Dream Journal
Recording your dreams has been shown to improve dream recall resulting in much more lucid dreams. Lucid Dream Ultimate has an easy to use dream journal with multiple attributes,

Password Protection
Edit and Delete functionality
Export to external storage
Effortless to use and navigate
I can not guarantee that this app will make you lucid dream, but it can absolutely aid you get closer in numerous techniques.
Be positive to verify out the support screen and watch for updates.

WakeLock for evening alarms.
Obtain_BOOT_COMPLETED for setting reality check soon after reboot.
Write to Storage for exporting your dream journal.

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